Offered the fourth week of each month on Saturday from 11am-12pm.
Evaluate Yourself Over Time By Having A
Starting point?
Take advantage of the Meet & Greet !
If you are new to LadyStrong Fitness, BASELINE is the place to start. Whether you're new to fitness or have been into fitness for years, BASELINE is the place for you.

 You’ll make new friends, meet Green Squad Team Members, grow more than you expect, and get acquainted with a new journey at LadyStrong Fitness. Connect with women, the gym and your purpose.
Typically Responds To Within 5 minutes!
Hear What New Members Had to Say!
Don't take our word for it, hear it from our members. Witness as they discuss their overall experience within the Baseline Orientation.

We take our work seriously and want you to be happy. We’re proud and honored to have received members feedback.
Are You Ready to become LadyStrong?
Benefits of Baseline
You'll attend 60 minute orientation to build you a foundation. Why? Because studies shows that this is the most effective way to create long term results.

BENEFIT 1: Assess Performance

Your Inbody InBody Scan & before photo will allow you to compare data and make a judgement on whether you're on track or not. 

BENEFIT 2: Earned Value

Taking advantage of the resources LSF has to offer with challenges, seminars, specialty classes and products. The progress on each task and the project as a whole. It often includes the calculation of a performance indicator.

BENEFIT 3: Improve Accuracy 

When you create your plan, you estimate how long each goal will take, and how much effort will be required to complete it. Our Green Squad will help you prescribe your milestones..
Made By Two Women For Women. 

Baseline is important because it lays a foundation for the new members experience within LSF. Alongside, allowing women become familiar with all the products and services that are offered so women can take full advantage of them.  

First impressions are important since it establishes the basis for everything that follows. Without baseline orientation, a new members sometimes feels uncomfortable and it takes longer to reach their full potential.

Take Action Now!
 Making a sound decisions is core to your ability to succeed. Recognizing that sometimes there is not a right choice or a perfect choice, just the best solution for now can be helpful. 


Sign-up for the next orientation. Which takes place one time per month.


Meet new women inside the community and the Green Squad Team. 


Get ready to start your new fitness and wellness journey and live the life you desire!
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